Frequently Asked Questions - ICBCoin
Crypto Bank Coin
Is the ICB coin a new fork of bitcoin?

No, our coins are a new generation of scalable cryptocurrency with more functionality than is currently in bitcoins.

How many decimals does the ICBC cryptocurrency has?

It can go up to eight decimals (0.00000001) .

How can I register for an ICBC wallet?

To enter and register in the wallet, you must think of a passphrase. It should be a long and original phrase which you can remember.

I downloaded the ICBC wallet, but it does not work, what to do?

Please, check if you have the latest Java version. If you haven’t, then download it from

How quickly will transactions go?

The speed will be similar to Visa and Mastercard transactions.

Will all coins be issued at the start of the blockchain?


I forgot my password-phrase - what to do?

In this case, we cannot help you. However, your coins will remain safely in your account until you remember the password-phrase.

Can I look at the source code of the ICBC platform?

The source code will be available after the ICO will be completed.

Are you vulnerable to the 51% attack?


How much Gold and Silver coins have been created at the start?

20 000 000 000 Gold coins (20 billion) and 10 000 000 000 Silver coins (10 billion).

Is there a bonus for creating and registering a wallet?

Yes, we give 1 Gold coin bonus to every person who registers a wallet.

Where can I see the ICBC Explorer?

The ICBC Explorer will be available immediately after the start of our blockchain

How is the stability of ICBC system guaranteed?

Stability is guaranteed through our usage of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) principle. (

Will there be a chat in the ICBC wallet?

Yes, there will be chat and messaging functionality.

Can I have multiple wallets?

Yes, there is no limit to the the number of wallets.

16.Do you conduct ICO ?

Yes, our website